I was verry sleepy, so please excuse me.

You indeed have "the priest voice". Pity that I can't understand a word because of the bad sound.

Our teacher (her name was Štefániková, btw :D) literaly told us "'A' with two dots you can pronounce as 'e', it's not a big deal" :/ My auntie has cottage nearby village Horný Tisovník, and she said she has a neighbour who pronounces Ä precious just like Old Slovak ;D Next time we'll go there, I want to meet that man…

Please, record him if possible.  Old people have a perfect pronunciation. We – the youth speak as if we were lazy to talk.  :-[

I dont even know why we have ä, or ĺ or y … they just confuse kids in schools  >:(

We have ä and ĺ to describe the special sounds in our language.  And we use y for example to distinguish between singular and plural, it's rather a grammatical matter. Tell me, do you mind ŕ too?  :P

ale ano  ;D

you ppl must agree that svätoslavas voice is really damn sexy  ;D

I'm pretty sure someone doped you with drugs and you have no idea what you write.  :-X

Yes.. sing a lullaby  >:(

Miško, you're too old for lullabies, don't you think so?  :D

@Svätoslava – You have a lovely voice. Truly. As a female, I would not say "sexy" but it is definitely attractive. I can see how the guys would say they'd expect a lullaby.. it has that.. I don't know sound, flow, feel to it.  :)

Aww, thank you so much  :)  Feel free to post your voice, it doesn't matter what language you're going to choose.

Crappy quality because I don't have good quality microphone, this was recorded over embedded laptop microphone

Can't understand anything.  :-


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