Yes I do! All of dem letters! I do not hear people say mäso, vŕba, stĺp, they pronounce it like meso, vrba, stlp so it looks really useless to me. ;D But I am one of those who can pronounce ŕ really nice!  :P
People are as old as they feel and I feel like young! 8)

See and I hear people around telling vŕba, stĺp, sometimes even žriebä  :D  Then show us your ŕŕŕ in audio recording, prosííím!

In that case tell your mom to sing a lullaby for you  :D


Still bad, sorry  :D

I think that is happening in the whole world.
Just look at the way young Brits or Americans desecrate English.
Over here too , Serbian youth is absolutely disrespectful towards their own language.

Yep, this modern culture can't be even called the culture. Degeneration of people is so evident in their speech.


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