@mišo – Sorry for the mistakes in my spelling a minute ago xD I thank gods for the edit option, I don't know what was my brain thinking by spelling day as they and wasn't as was xD And I absolutely agree with your last comment.

It would be wonderful to hear something short from you too, I hope we will persuade you somehow  :)

That will probably take some persuading… It's bad enough most of the time my own boyfriend chuckles at my Serbian.. others tell me I'm obviously a foreigner.. though they think I'm from Russia when I speak Serbian not American. Only time I've been complimented sincerely on my Serbian pronunciation is from a guy I met while out in the city one day.. he said I made a harsh language (Serbian) sound melodic and sweet… So yeah.. I don't know if I'd speak Serbian.. English is nothing…. I can record something later in English.


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