Here… me in English… I think I sound odd. LOL


And to read what I was saying – which I actually messed up but it's all good:

Love is an indefinable emotion tangled within the web of life, that we almost strangle ourselves upon to grasp. We reach and climb and yet are still trapped within the web trying and striving for the proverbial goal that is unseen, untouchable, and unrealistic. To aim for such an emotion that is ever blinding and ever subsiding to the consciousness.. is childish.. and yet such childish things make for such a splendid life.. but why? Why hold so much weight in something that has no mass, no volume.. something that cannot be pushed or pulled or stowed away for rainy days. Why do we strive to experience such things and yet do not know really what it is?

I actually like. Really nice, especially "so ,ya ,thats me" :D😀


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