Oh I don't know.. I'm nothing special to listen to.. and English is boring. And.. my Serbian – my Serbian is horrible and everyone teases me when I speak Serbian. They say the teasing is in a good way.. but it definitely doesn't help me want to speak it…

I understand you, because I feel unpleasantly when I have to speak English with my Slavic accent  :)  From non-Slavic languages I always prefered German in which I don't have that hearable accent, but English and me… it's like water and fire. Hm, it's not very nice from your friends to point out your accent, I bet they have Serbian accent when speaking English. As you already told – it doesn't help you in any way, they should rather correct you, so you can learn.


Now I can hear you.  And your gangsta speech in the end was, well, stunning?  :D


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