35K to 80K base salary ~ it depends on the Trade and the location (jobs pay more in New York and North Dakota than in Texas).

As someone from Texas, I have to say something. (Kanadets isn't wrong in anyway) You simply have to take into account the cost of living in New York. I believe the cost of living would be similar in N. Dakota and Texas, but N. Dakota is experiencing an oil "boom" right now, and the state has been asking for workers of all types to come and assist. I know a few guys in my area who lived there for a few months; though, I'm sure, you could get permanent residence with a different company.

Texas definitely treats many of its skilled workers right. My best friend is an electrician. He's not even a "journeyman" as of yet, and he made roughly $54,000 last year. Most laborers/craftsmen get paid by the job or hour. My friend got paid around $24/hr when he worked as an electrician at a plastics plant nearby. Now, when you consider overtime, which was often, that's quite a bit of money. His father, on the other hand, has been an electrician for years, and has built up a decent business in our small town and the surrounding areas. He makes about $6,000 per house (simply wiring it up), and does multiple houses at time, and his business is fairly consistent. We also live in an area where the cost of living is low. Rent is cheap, everything is close by which doesn't make gas prices a huge issue, and electricity is fairly priced…cable/internet companies are doing a pretty good job of screwing everyone right now, but they will continue to do that until google fiber can get a firm foothold. So you have to weigh your paycheck with the cost, which you know (it's common sense). From what I've read, New York has a fairly high cost of living across the state, whereas Texas is only higher in the bigger cities.

I hope I gave you some idea with $/hr/job segment. I don't know what kind of construction you're involved in, but I know most plastic/metal plants in my area pay general maintenance (I would just like to emphasize when I say MAINTENANCE. These guys rebuild broken fences, and paint things. If you are smart enough to do that, then you should look into a craft trade.) about $21/hr for their work.


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