Well, vampires are very prominent in Romanian folklore as well (they go by the names strigoi and moroi, though), and there are also Hungarian mythical beings that share some of the traits of a vampire (namely the lidérc), so the association with these countries isn't generally wrong. But the ultimate source of these beliefs was Slavic, so were the most famous "vampiric" cases – the West learned about vampires mostly because of the "vampire epidemic" that occured after the Treaty of Požarevac in 18th century, when Ottoman Empire lost the main Serbian lands to Austria (the whole story with Peter Plogojowitz and Arnold Paole – google it if you don't know it already, it's rather fascinating). This is probably when the word was adopted in Hungarian and German, and later in French and English. At the time Stoker was writing Dracula, the word was already established in English language.

Thx. Yea i meant in lingustic sence only but like you said origin is Slavic. Anyway they should make movie according to vampire epidemic. :D


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