In various Bulgarian dialects this is called uroki, uroci, zaroci, loši oči, loš pogled, počudi or počudišta. It was believed it was caused either by the sight of witches, people with green eyes, old women with some kind of physical disability, people born in Saturday, unfathered sons, widows, and even snakes, or by the words of people who praise you too much in front of others.
Newborns, children and pregnant women were considered the most prone to this disease. There were many kinds of amulets worn by them in order to prevent the efect of the bad eye – garlic, red threads, small crosses made of hawthorn, wolf fangs, snake vertebrae, silver coins, bat wings, bear hairs… As for curing it, the only device used were verbal spells, AFAIK.

When I was a kid, my great-grandma used to cure me this way every time I had headache – she would press my temples with her thumbs to the point it starts to hurt and whisper something I was barely able to hear for a couple of minutes. Sometimes it "worked", sometimes it didn't. :)


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