I agree with you to a large extent. I don't think you can get any absolute truth with pinpoint accuracy with just looks.(But you can differ between an ethiopian and a serb, say. And almost in all cases will you be able to see the difference between a Spaniard and a Finn. But just between europe, getting pinpoint accuracy is difficult, and I doubt you can say someone is slav or not just by judging the skull shape or anything like that  ;D

I'm Norwegian by the way

Yes true. There are some bigger differances between extreme north and extreme south Europe but still nothing is 100% like you say. Most problematic is central Europe imo. My area alone is so diverse for example. Anyway welcome Norwegian! :) Well odds of Scandinavian being Slavic are possible. I read onece that to some degree medieval Sweden was settled by Slavic serfs. It was from one Swedish documentary i am not sure how realistic is this and sadly don't remember name but i figure medieval Norway might have brought in some slaves from Slavia i guess.

However most definetly there isn't such thing as Slavic look. I wonder why your friends view u Slavic looking?


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