@NiKo I agree when it comes to music (if you’re thinking of our “pop” which is still turbo folk). Serbia is most neutral and peaceful right now, there won’t be war on Kosovo for sure, it is lost. Croatians are ones who are war mourning right now, although it’s probably just because of their elections. Serbs in Bosnia are just trying to get their rights guarantied by Dayton agreement, although that referendum in RS right now is also a political stunt, since they too have elections in few months. And whole that idea of Greater Serbia was never official program of our government, for example FR Yugoslavia never recognized independence of Republic of Srebian Krajina (today’s Croatia) and Republic of Srpska. Serbia started no wars in the ’90s. If there is a war in Bosnia, trust me, the fight will be between Bosniaks and Croats, not Serbs. Those who still want such greater state to exist mostly have in mind something like this:

sorry, I couldn’t find better picture…
just to make things clear, I’m happy with how things are right now, I DON’T want any country in this region to become “greater”.