Hey Dalibor, sorry but I really didn't see your reply few weeks ago! I will probably comment it later.

But what I wanted to say is that today presentation for linguists, professors, students and organizations was held.

Kajkavian already has approved linguistic requirements, the only problem that stands between Kajkavski and ISO code is "..that Kajkavian is currently recognized as dialect of Croatian (read = Neo-Shtokavian) which belongs to macrolanguage group of BCS". So some of our institutions for culture/language should 'jump in' and approve it. We'll see how much will they need for that. Majority of Shtokavian speakers are of course 'not so keen on the initiative. = )

And here's Kajkavian alphabet with illustrations  ;D
(though Đ doesn't exist originally, and LJ/NJ is rarely used, practically never as first sound of a word).

Kaj ti veliš Štajerc? :D