Masks are more universal thing. They're basically variations on these two types:

[img width=700 height=453]http://s20.postimage.org/528bq0te5/zx980_850624.jpg” />


The more "animalistic" looking ones are more common in the west, while the "KKK" version is typical for Eastern Bulgaria. There are areas where the masks look like something in between those two types, for example, the Rhodopean ones look like that:


And, of course, there are the South-Western ones, which look really weird.

[img width=700 height=465]http://s20.postimage.org/5b1b27gst/zx980_850626.jpg” />

The site is nice, thank you. Haven't seen it before.

@Svätoslava: I remember I've seen more photos with these dolls on the net some time ago, but I can't find them for some reason.  :(


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