Thank you for the explanation. I like very much the first type and the third one. Have you ever been wearing such a mask or the folk costume specific for your region?

Not really, only a flaxen embrodiered riza (shirt) when I was in second or third grade; we were participating in a dramatisation for some holiday.

They look like Wookies ;D

Mratnjak: What is the history of the costumes in the last two photos?

There's virtually no information on how such masks looked before the 20th century. The basic idea behind them is to look scary and otherwordly. The sword-like wooden clubs you see in their hands are remnants of a part of the tradition that is not practiced anymore – when two groups of these kukeri(masked men) from different villages crossed each other's path, they were constrained to fight until at least a little blood was shed on the ground.


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