From my point of view
-EU is ruining our agriculture ,donations wchich should have been same like in western countries until 2012 at last did not happen, there are still differences
-They are suppressing national feeling in favor of multikulti ******** ,every express of love to your own nation is considered nationalism ,fascism ,racism and many other -isms
-they support immigrants which causes nothing but trouble
-they support gypsies which causes.. well wasting of words
-they are forcing nations into treaties such as Lisabon treaty or European Bailout Fund and such ********
-EU is full of birocrats which are wasting of money (yes our parlamient too)
-they are destroying small countries and their differences to make one multikulti ********
-they are supporters of terrorist organization known as NATO
-they support currency which has already failed and cause rest of the union to fail as well
-they support gay marriages
-and many other… those are just biggest negatives that came up to my mind now

Yes ,yes there are some positive changes since we joined EU but they are far inferior to negative changes (many of them would happen even without EU probably) but I am too lazy to think about any..
If there was option I would vote for leaving EU.

EDIT: appologize for bullshit  ;D


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