uuh this is hard case  😮
whole agro-fund system is dubious, and this inequality exists mainly thanks to french influence in eu. more precisely, french socialism, which is scourge of eu; lets just hope that frances political influence gets weaker as france descends into debt crisis.
everyone needs to have a sense of belonging, but "love to nation" is a chimaera taken ad absurdum. eu of course doesnt suppress national (ethnic) identity (or feeling as you may call it), thats a myth
member states agenda
member states agenda
i bet you never seen a letter of lisbon treaty  ;D yeah it was supposed to caused a kind of apocalypse, according to conspiracy-believers… well somehow things are still the same, more or less
the procedure of ratification (ireland affair) lowered its credibility and so did the way in which it has been made (its largely a kind of list of changes to texts of previous treaties). and those retarded eu bailouts are actually a violation of lisbon treaty + a big problem for eu.
besides few medialized cases when some officials really didnt know what to do out of boredom, eu bureaucracy is damn effective. slovakia can only dream about having such proficient officials.
if you dont believe, check out some eu commission job application tests
saying that nato is terrorist organization speaks more about who says that, than about nato itself  :)
€ is project with many flaws but saying "it has already failed" is far-fetched. no comment for the rest – myth
member states agenda
as a student of history you shouldnt be lazy to think when expressing your opinion, because someone else might be eager enough to show that your standings are defenseless and irrelevant
what about help for people who feel theyre damaged by state power, help in infrastructure building, help in saving cultural heritage, help in education (modern labs, libraries, computers…), etc………… those are real things, something that really counts as a positive help.
pathetic boasting about how "independent" is our country, never helped anybody.

I expected such comment from you  ;D
I will not respond to all this thing cuz it will lead to another never ending discusiion and i need to study right now and after all its just my opinion which I do not think is defenseless but that later
Lets point out the most important.
I have never seen lisbon treaty, u are right (i have no time for such long documents) but I saw, partially european bailout and all i have no words how to describe that!
I did not said we have more proficient officials, anyway it does not change the fact that birocaracy in EU has enormous dimensions.
Supporting immigrants and gypsies is not only states agenda.

saying that nato is terrorist organization speaks more about who says that, than about nato itself 

Can you please? explain? What does it says about me?
Euro has already failed and it is not far fetched. It brings only more debts.

And now about you  if I could. Anytime someone bring such statements you come out with either calling people either conspiratns or let me quote you "pathetic boasting about how "independent" is our country".
My opinion is that people who always mention conspiracies and calls things a myths are ones who are actually afraid of the fact that it could be true so they better ignore it and try to make fun of it.
Just my personal view.


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