eu bureaucracy is enormous? what would be the "norm", then?
in fact eu bureaucracy is small when compared with that of slovakia  ;D

Anytime someone bring such statements you come out with either calling people either conspiratns or let me quote you "pathetic boasting about how "independent" is our country"

then dont bring such statements. saying that eu wants to destroy ethnic identities is as true as star wars story. if you dont want to look like a conspiracy theorist, dont write things that look copy-pasted from conspiracy sites like euportal.cz
and the part with boasting about independence wasnt aimed at you.
its about people who think slovakia is something theyre "entitled" to, or people who think that being slovak is a mark of superiority, and that only slovak is "entitled" to something in slovakia (and the rest should shut up, right?). those who killed czechoslovakia and are killing slovakia, too, with their sheer dumbness. electorate of mečiar, fico, slota.

p. s. eu finances programs for recovering and saving cultural heritage and guarantees ethnic minority rights. it did more for preservation of european culture than most of those bigmouthed "patriots" combined together
when my grandma got humanitarian help 2 or 3 years ago (yes, 20kg of flour and 20kg of pasta), it was again financed by evil western taxpayers  ::)


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