But drastic murders.
I can understand RAHOWA, hate, etc…

If I want genocide some culture, sent they to gas…fast and painless dead. Murder is not excusable, but minimal humanity.
If my soldat rape woman/girl, i will kill him. Destroying immo  without comant = kill. Discipline is main in army. In war double.

Well, of course there was a great lack of discipline since many were paramillitary units – you can't expect much of them, right? Anyhow, I think genocide of any kind is wrong. Why not do it like the French have done with the Gypsies? Plus, in every war on every side crimes happen. Take ww2. In it, all did crimes. And it's similar in the Afgan war, Iraq and similar was in Yugoslavia. It's the human nature, you can't go pass that…


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