I am Slovak from Vojvodina, but not from Slovak town I am from Šíd, it's a town on boarder with Croatia in Sriem. I don't speak Slovak at home becouse my mother is Serbian (but she speaks Slovak) and mostly becouse language of Slovaks from Vojvodina isn't grammaticly incorrect, so my father didn't wanted me to learn such language. I learn Slovak at school (once a week (there are Slovak schools in all of Slovak places, but not in my town)). I can understand almost everything, but I'm not used to speak it (I can speak it, but I'm not secured in my knowlage)). Most Slovaks here speak with a lot of Serbian words and accent. I was in Bratislava last year so I could compare languages, they sounded different, I noticed that people in Bratislava speak with some Czech influance, but that's not only thing, there are a lot different words and slang.
I would like you to recommend me some Slovak books and mouvies (comedies would be grate) so I could expand my vocabulary.


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