Movies? Fontana pre Zuzanu 1,2,3 (Habera Movie). Lóve (BA komedy), etc.. I mean Slovaks have Czech dabing in international movies.

Slovak Modern music is very popular.

Punk band Konflikt – Magyar singer with his Magyar accent is a bad idea. Pavol Habera and Kristína – good choice. Elán – for older generation, it will bore you. Rytmus – horrible choice of horrible language and bad accent, do not listen to him.

Fontána pre Zuzanu – ok, could be. Lóve – Bratislava’s slang, bad choice. Movies with Czech dabing in Slovak TVs can be seen less and less (hodon, you evidently don’t watch Slovak TV channel, do you?).

Dušan, I will look for some movies and books and then post it.


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