Right, the Slovenian dialect in question was the Carinthian group (and possibly Resian, since it's related).

Here is an example of a Rhodopean dialect (Smoljanski govor):

При ветеринаря – родопски хумор.

You can hear mož (o<*ǫ) at 0:08, pregljodaš (jo<*ę) at 0:28, and other peculiarities like the archaic word hlev 'barn, cow shed' instead of common Bulgarian obor.

As for the aforementioned southeastern idiom, it was spoken in "Western Thrace" (North-Eastern Greece of today) and, sadly, it's practically dead by now, AFAIK. I don't know if there is any recorded audio of it available on the net.

Could it be that heavy usage of halfsounds – schwa in both tounges might have some influence in this too? :D

Most definitely. The respective Bulgarian phoneme is a full-blown vowel though, it's a bit longer and more heavily stressed – although it's often reduced to proper schwa in daily speech. Another thing is our č-kane :D (e.g. Eastern Bulgarian čeren, Slovenian črn as opposed to Serbian-Croatian-Bosnian-Montenegrin, Macedonian, Western Bulgarian crn)


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