Right, the Slovenian dialect in question was the Carinthian group (and possibly Resian, since it's related).

Aha yes sounds reasonable. Rezijansko narečje has indeed Carinthian basis with other influences. Besides that Carinthia group is divided and since you mentioned north-eastern i would assume Ziljsko of Carinthian group and maybe also Rožansko. :D

Here is an example of a Rhodopean dialect (Smoljanski govor):

При ветеринаря – родопски хумор.

You can hear mož (o<*ǫ) at 0:08, pregljodaš (jo<*ę) at 0:28, and other peculiarities like the archaic word hlev 'barn, cow shed' instead of common Bulgarian obor.

As for the aforementioned southeastern idiom, it was spoken in "Western Thrace" (North-Eastern Greece of today) and, sadly, it's practically dead by now, AFAIK. I don't know if there is any recorded audio of it available on the net.

Most definitely. The respective Bulgarian phoneme is a full-blown vowel though, it's a bit longer and more heavily stressed – although it's often reduced to proper schwa in daily speech. Another thing is our č-kane :D (e.g. Eastern Bulgarian čeren, Slovenian črn as opposed to Serbian-Croatian-Bosnian-Montenegrin, Macedonian, Western Bulgarian crn)

Accent is indeed extreamly Slovenish and i can spot many words. :) Interesting notice she often ends line with almost like singing style. Like doktoreeeee. :D


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