Pretty funny article and it's even funnier that some people abroad seriously believe to such lie :)

First of all, this is an official data. Confidence in such data is senseless, I hope smart people are aware of methods for creating official statisctics in Russia. Few years ago Putin promised to create 25 million jobs. As a resident of Russia I can surely say that those words were the great lie, there wasn't any serious changes in this issue. Instead of creation new jobs, especially in modern industry, having normal working conditions, the authorities use this fake to justify their policy of doing nothing.

As I understand this is not a real level of unemployment, this is the statistics from State Employment Service :)  Only a part of unemployed persons have registration there, and they can be registered only few months in this state service. In the case, when they don't want to do  very dirty work or there is no work places at all, they are excluded from the statistics after a short time. Usage this data proves nothing. The State Employment Service suggests only very dirty and not prestigious for alcoholics or temporary jobs for students such as  cleaning of streets.

The level of unemployment isn't indicative itself. For example, we don't know how many people with high education can't find job according to their speciality. I'm not speaking about the Moscow and Saint Petersburg (they're like another country), but it's very common in regions to meet an engineer working as a seller of stuff and lots of similar exaples. The industry produces nothing, only trade is developed.

We have a huge level of so-called "hidden unemployment" when there are delays in the production, workers use only part of their work time or use it not for proper targets.

Try to imagine a defense enterprise where workers get only few $100.. Wonderful job eh? Even jobless people in Europe have better life than workers in a Russian region.

I understand that according to statistics some countries of South Europe have striking unemployment rate, for some people such wonderful numbers in Russia create the illusion of paradise here…


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