I've written something in post linked above. But in short – (probably) due to the early (relative) separation from the rest of Poland, they evolved differently. In a manner of speaking, „modern” utopce are a mix of many older Slavic spirits, and here they are the most important (and sometimes sole) ones. They obtained a more „helpful” nature besides their usual malevolent one – here you can even befriend one. Drowning people it's only a part-time job for them; and they usually do this only when someone doesn't respect them. Anyway, business with them is risky, but it's worth of it :)

I don't quite understand what you exactly mean by 'modern' utopce. Dual/moody and unpredictable nature is simply their characteristic and can be found in all folklore tales in Poland. Fortunately people's beliefs, especially those living in rural areas, who preserve mostly the old faith, are not connected with geopolitical makeup of the area. The main concept of the mythical creature remains still the same  :)

I also noticed, that the figure of St. Jan Nepomucen, protector from the floods, troubled waters and drought, is very popular on Silesia (not only in Upper Silesia, in Lower Silesia as well). His statues were mostly erected at the places, where the flood arrived. There is also the notice at the statue when the flood occurred. The cult of St.Nepomucen came to Silesian area from Czechs in Medieval times, when the Silesia was under influence of Czech kings, who resided in Prague.


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