Well, I can still help you with some info on the creatures you're talking about, but my knowledge on West Slavic folklore is limited; and Silesian folklore, as tqr already said, is rather specific compared to the rest of Polish-speaking areal.

The utopiec you mentioned is, basically, a Polish version of the water spirit known to all of West and East Slavic peoples (also known in several regions of South Slavia, but we don't know this creature generally). In most regions of Poland it's called utopiec or topielec; its name comes from a verb with the meaning 'to drown', and it implies two of its main traits – an utopiec originates from people who have faced their death in the water, and it often draws people in the swamp/river it inhabits. It has various "aquatic life" features – frog-like limbs, fish scales, green skin colour, the left side of its clothes is always wet, etc.

Mamuna is basically a boogeyman – only it's a "boogeywoman" in that particular case :) – or another term for boginka.


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