Well, I can still help you with some info on the creatures you're talking about, but my knowledge on West Slavic folklore is limited; and Silesian folklore, as tqr already said, is rather specific compared to the rest of Polish-speaking areal.

That was really informative and interesting.

But: the Utopiec is  common in silesia but the other two (mamuna wodic and gniotka) aren`t or are they?
I'm asking since e.g. Mamuna ist another term for boginka which is just polish…The link I've posted (http://szkola.interklasa.pl/f014/stronawww/duchyang.html) shows all three mythical creatures I'm talking about. But this website is specifically about Lasowiak culture which originates in South-East Poland and not in Silesia.
Does that mean that either those creatures are Lasowiak, that they are Silesian or that they are Polish or maybe just West/East-slavic and they exist as different variants in different regions of Poland?? What do you think?


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