😮 hmm welcome davyd. we all thank you for your homily.  :-X

as for op: there is no ***ish and non***ish god, there is only one God.
people who believe in IC XC as son of only God are called christians. if you dont believe, you arent christian. its simple as that.

I disagree with your reasoning. If you look at archaeological evidence, the ***ish religion (then subsequent Christianity) was initially a polytheistic religion based around Canaanite culture. There have been discoveries of shrines Ba'al in ***ish temples ALONGSIDE artifacts that indicate normal ***ish worship. They have found carvings that mention "Yahweh and HIS Astarte," as though Astarte was his wife. So, there was an entire pantheon of Canaanite gods, which Yahweh was only a part of.

Let me ask a simpler question. Catholic or Orthodoxy? What is more suited to our cultures?


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