Then why do the majority of religious practitioners disagree with that view? If we all believe in the same God, then why do so many people fight? Why do so many people get offended? I do believe in a Creator, and in Jesus, but I believe that it's a story that's much older than the most current version we have. Something ancient that happened long ago that it's retold and retold and retold, but the story is the same. Sacrifice for man's sins. But if I were to write that, proclaim it from the rooftops, I'd get stoned.

I'm not trying to disprove what you're saying Hobotnica, I agree. I'm asking more into it. If we all believe in the same Creator, why can't we call him by our culture's ancient name without being called a heathen? Because, if you believe what you said, then if I called God, Svarog, and Jesus, Perun, but believed to my very soul they were the same men…is that wrong?

Different names do not mean different people. We have many names for Jesus and God because there were many interpretations in different cultures. An what you said about not being able to call them by ancient names without being called a heathen, you can name them whatever you want, If you name God Svarog, I wouldn't call you a heathen, it's the same God with a different name , it's not my problem if other people don't understand that calling the Creator by an ancient name doesn't make you heathen. Svarog is a unique interpretation of the Creator. Just like Allah and all the other names. The same thing with a different name. The point of Creator is that he cannot be truly named. You can call him however you want, but he has no name. Because what can be named is not eternal (words of Lao tzu).


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