no, the god worshipped by ******s isnt the one God. they dont accept IX XC as God

then why do so many people fight? Why do so many people get offended?

because of pride, anger, greed etc.

I do believe in a Creator, and in Jesus, but I believe that it's a story that's much older than the most current version we have. Something ancient that happened long ago that it's retold and retold and retold, but the story is the same. Sacrifice for man's sins………if I called God, Svarog, and Jesus, Perun, but believed to my very soul they were the same men…is that wrong?

yes. youre forgetting the fact that Jesus is a real person, who really lived about 2000 years ago. thats first. secondly, youre relativizing what IC XC taught. there is no teaching of perun. for ancient slavs it was the guy who sent lightnings from cloud.

If we all believe in the same Creator, why can't we call him by our culture's ancient name…?

and what was the name, hm? Creator doesnt have many names, he has got only 1 name. Yhvh. The one God has nothing to do with svarog or other pagan idols.

edit: Allah isnt a name, its just arabic word for "god". compare with hebrew "el" (i think)


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