Why does it even matter if we're Christian, ***ish, ******, etc, We all, actually, believe in the SAME GOD! Believing in God is what matters, he unites most religions.

Abrahamic religions all worship the same god. That is; the one of the Jewish people.

Every culture has their own set of gods, or just one, as it is in this case.
They are not talking about the same deity.
Many deities were just personifications of nature, as it was for many cultures throughout Europe. I don't think they would have worshipped these gods, but rather highly respected them. But that's beside the point.

Although Abrahamic religions have been accepted as the "main three", it was not always so.
There is a great diversity of deities and cultures.
Why should everybody follow the Hebrew one? It's foreign, and does not mean anything to most of us on an ancestral level.

When you say "most religions", you do not actually mean MOST religions, but rather the main three that have been forced upon us.

The other 20 or so "major religions", and dozens of smaller ones, are not related in any way shape or form to the main three, apart from the branches of Satanism, but those are still in essence Abrahamic.


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