@ T Nova

As some other people said – there is no jewish god. God has no label or nationality. The only thing that has a 'label' is the name of god. YHWH is the jewish name, yes.
Jesus Christ is the greek name of Yehoshua (mashiach), but noone talks about Jesus being a greek god/prophet. 

Note that – the slavic words for god are – bog and gospod. These words are used by the ancient indoeuropeans as names for the sun for at least 6000 years (bagha, gospati). We aren't sun worshipers, but we use these words everyday.

All monotheistic religions stem from the Zoroastrianism (except the version of Ehnaton I guess). So all base christian conceptions aren't christian at all. When you've done studying the zoroastrianism you'll see that it has more ancient roots in the polytheistic cults of the ancient indoeuropeans. I think the primal root of our religion is lost in the eons…

But my advice is – read everything about the zoroastrianism. You'll understand a lot about the christianity.

I think the primal root of your religion was lost not in the aeons but drowned in a sea of blood.

That version of gOD was put together by jews and as their invention he is jewish in a way.

In my humble opinion merging Slavic heritage and christianity is highly illogical as they are based not only on different but on diagonally opposite principles.