Thank you friends, I will have look at it, for example the Celje looks interesting.  Are there also some ruins from roman times in vicinity of Maribor?

You're welcome. There are no Roman left-behinds at Maribor because there was no setlement before the 12th century. There are some at Ptuj.

And some are at Celje. If you go to Pokrajinski muzej Celje, request the "lapidarium collection", which is a relatively big collection of stones from the Roman era. You can read some here:

And if you're already in Celje, why not drive a few kilometers further to Šempeter. It's known for it's Roman necropola, good ice-cream and kebab (but the best kebab is at Narodni dom in Celje  ;) ).

Sadly, you're only a week too late to see the famous Kurentovanje, which has origins from pagan times. Sadly, it finishes tomorrow, on February 12th…  :(


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