Despite my love and respect for Serbian brothers, I do not think it's a good idea, especially if it is about ​​Serbia fully enter into Russia.

1. The union of our peoples should take place not at the political level but at the cultural and everyday ones. Any political interference in the life of our people in the end will only lead to conflicts rising. Artificially created states in the 20th century are a great examples.

2. This party supports Vladimir Putin and his Edinaja Rossija party. This party is destructive for Russia, and I do not want Serbia to become another victim of this neo-Soviet bureaucratic hydra. Serbia needs to be a strong and independent country.

3. Clearly, this party is manipulating emotions of our fraternal people, based on the tragic pages of our history to score political points. Direct targeting of the party to the Kremlin just means that they only wish to receive funds from the federal government. Which will ultimately result in an increase of mutual hostility between the two nations.

No need to create new weird mutant states. It's better just to cancel the visa regime for the Slavic countries. Benefits will be greater, as it will boost tourist flow and people getting more familiar with other Slavic cultures, and, therefore, understanding that we are one, without any artificial state jail.


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