I don't think big country equal diversity. For instance, Hungary is a smaller country in comparison to Poland, yet Hungarians have more diversity in terms of look. Its depend to migration and assimilation, of course. I haven't got a pic of South East Polish footballers, crowds, etc. But I have got a pics of Poles from upper Silesia, South West Poland;
^Would you say as a group look similar to Ukrainians?

P.S. Zoom a pic to see better view of them.

Southern Ukraine linked Europe with greater steppes of Asia. Many different peoples travelled through the region, but some stayed. The country has an interesting history which in my opinion contributed to the diversity. But it's not like the USA of course.

If you put ukranian colours on the girls placing the picture on a display, then imo not everyone will notice the girls are Polish. In other words, the girls as group will not look completely out of place in Ukraine. There are obvious differences in physical appearance between the two populations if we look for those differences.


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