As far as I can read it only said that Rome(?!? or some other city) would get destroyed

"Nostradamus does not seem to be looking at the same person all of the time. There are some maddening clues. We are given the name RAYPOZ as some kind of anagram. We are fed the name Mabus, which if you write it down and hold it up in a mirror (an old Nostradamus trick) comes out "sudaM". But even the word "Maubus" in the French means "To terrorize! To strike fear! To kill in the night! To murder indiscriminately." He also says that his name is barbaric, and almost impossible for Westerners to pronounce.

But he also calls him "The Persian Prince", and "Man in the Blue Turban." It is nowhere near as clear as Orson Well’s in "THE MAN WHO SAW TOMORROW" would have you believe. The one thing that seems to be agreed upon is that he will be the leader of a great Islamic Confederation. Some Nostradamus interpreters believe he invades Italy, leveling Rome, and driving up into the soft underbelly of Europe."

Nostradamus and Saint Malachy Prophercies both reefer to the same era and same event. Just Saint Malachy Prophecy talks about happenings in the Church and last popes while Nostradamus talks about general events in world.

Either way i guess we Europeans are f00ked again :D brb moving away to Australia or something


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