This map distorts the sizes of both Croatia and Slovenia. Northern Croatia and Slovenia appear larger. If we wanted a federation we would've done so in the 1990s. Only a portion of Croats speak Kajkavian as a primary dialect while the rest are Stokavci and Cakavci ( Istra and Islands). Tourism already works well in both countries and is one of the main sources of growth. We already have an exchange of Slovene tourists in Croatia during the summer and Croatian tourists in Slovenia over the winter. There are many aspects of Cro history that are similar to Slovene but then there are also many aspects that have little to do with Slovenia ( and vice versa). Since Croatia and Slovenia are already Catholic Slavic states then had our history been similar enough we would've become the same nation today. In other words if you look at Croatia's Balkan neighbors , Serbia, Montenegro , and Bosnia – had we all  been the same religion there is a good chance we would've become part of the same nation. That didn't happen with Slovenes. Honestly I don't know of Croatian intellectuals that outright rejected Slovenes as the same as us ( in fact the Illyrian movement made strong overtures at them) but I believe there were historic Slovene intellectuals that were very against Croatization and they succeeded obviously. And lastly economy , I doubt the Slovenes would want to have much to do with our economy. Croatia gets by but has huge economic problems that Slovenia has already ironed out for themselves. Croatia is also one of the most bureaucratic and corrupt states in Europe and really is a psuedo-kleptocracy. I doubt the Slovenes would want to subject themselves directly to our nasty politics.

Other than that. I'm not entirely opposed to the idea. Had Yugoslavia been different to include just Slovenia and Croatia + arguably some parts of Bosnia and northern Serbia I.e. the more prosperous parts of Yugo) then it probably couldve worked very well. Unfortunately my honest opinion is that Croatia is too corrupt for such a union and more importantly I think the majority of people on both sides would oppose.

If you think we're only corrupt state in Europe you're very wrong. Most of our corrupt politician did do the corrupt deeds due to corrupted politician from other countries. Hypo bank? (Austria). Ina? (Hungary) and so goes on the list.


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