If you think we're only corrupt state in Europe you're very wrong. Most of our corrupt politician did do the corrupt deeds due to corrupted politician from other countries. Hypo bank? (Austria). Ina? (Hungary) and so goes on the list.

I didn't say were the only corrupt state. Quote me on that? But Croatian government is one of the most corrupt in Europe, even average Croatians with some rudementary knowledge of politics knows this. You listed big businesses and I agree , in fact , in terms of big business Croatia isn't one of the most corrupt but in terms of government… absolutely! I own property in Croatia and my family owns a business. Do you know how hard it is for people to acquire property in Croatia ( you should you live there). I'm talking about a fresh young person out of university TRYING to get some kind of work but usually ends up unemployed or partially employed. Even if he is employed if HIS FAMILY didn't already own property then its SO HARD for that person to get a fair loan ( or a  loan at all) or be eligable to purchase property of any value. And starting a business in Croatia? Forget about it. I'm not talking about a little rent your room on the coast over the summer deal , I'm talking a real legitimate grassroots business like an autobody shop ( which my family owns). Takes MONTHS to get a permit to even start working. Then all the red tape going through dozens of bureaucrats for just how many people you can hire and then the tax system… Jesus , trust me , its bad and I even know this living abroad most of the year. Which also gives me and advantage because I can compare Croatia to other western countries. That's not saying Croatia doesn't have anything good going for it , it does. But the economy is always in flux and the danger grows as the body of politicians increases.


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