I wasn't talking about pensioners. That's a whole separate problem to add on to the lagged free enterprise in Croatia. Go try starting a business in Croatia and look at all the ridiculous red tape you run into. After countless fees and months of no action it wouldn't be unreasonable to just give up. And also , try purchasing property of any kind of capital value — and don't say the sellers are not there beause they are , in fact sellers in capital markets are quite abundent in Croatia its just that the buyers are limited and often a select few are favored by the current system. The Croatian government simply lacks the ability to manage property and its killing any real economic boom there. I understand Croatia suffered from war , my uncle is an HV veteran officer who served on the Slavonian front but Croatia's industry bounced back considerably well thanks to foreign loans and business owners liquidating their assets. But then it was stagnate with the occasional recessional dip ( more frequent now) that all started under Tudjman's horrible managment of the economy and never turned around. The tax burden on our family business there increased about 250% in the last 15 years and the property tax of our self-built Dalmatian home increased about 175% despite the fact that the property value decreased about 25% ( Believe me , I help manage our stuff there). In economic terms , that's madness. And the loans… theres nothing wrong with loans in general , especially if you're starting a business. The only alternative is to have saved up capital but that's virtually impossible in Croatia and still difficult in other westen countries. It's when the government and central banks infuse a bunch of bad credit into the economy that causes the recessionary cycle ( See Hayek's ( Austrian) Business Cycle Theory – makes perfect sense) and not just banks recklessly handing out loans without worrying about risks. That behavior is caused by the former. Believe me brate , I'm not bashing Croatia ( only the Croatian government). I love the country of my birth and that of my forefathers which is why I care enough to make a valid criticism.


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