I didn't blame you of anything :D no one said that things are pink here. You're right on many things, but as i wanted to point out, our problems are common not only for this area (balkans) but in general on whole southern sphere of Europe. It's chitty i know, i live here :D

Sure the problems are universal throughout many nations but its amplified in Croatia due to its really corrupt government which exceeds corruption in other countries. I used to think Croatia was no special case of economic and political corruption , no different than other EU countries until I was assigned the task ( by my family) of managing some of our finaces and assets we have in Croatia. It's only then I realized the layers of BS that's extreme even by American standards. Our autoservis business in Slavonia was about to go out of business until I stepped up and helped it survive and even turn a profit. I'm not a business guru ( it's only a small business) but it did expose me to Croatia's commercial workings and unfortunately I was dissapointed. This has nothing to do with the Croatian people but rather everything to do with Croatian politicians and government ( national and municipal). I familiarized myself with Croatian law and business practice ( I'm not an expert by any means but I do know more than the average person) and frankly I was shocked that any number of small businesses still do relatively well there. Croatia's government is anti-business because it doesn't understand business and the worst part is that it is anti-Croatian business and favors foreign capital over that produced domestically, but that's another topic. I still don't involve myself with Croatian politics for two reasons… One , it gives me a headache and it seems like every party there is run by crooks , so lack of a good choice , and two , even though I am a Cro citizen and can participate in local and national elections I chose not to because I do not live there and I don't feel like I ought to have the right to vote for others,  that's up to the Croatian citizens living there. Things need to certainly change there ( like everywhere but especially there) and I hope you young people there can be the difference makers. I may move back as part of me really wants to but I made a nice life for myself in the diaspora and I feel very part of the Croatian American diaspora which is special in its own right and something to be proud to be a part of.


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