everybody said what they are on the census. If they said they were Jedi the guy would write down nationality: Jedi, there's video of one guy that seys that he is Ortodox Jedi. So that depends on Bunjevci and Šokci themselves. But I think that text means Serbians, then
but I'm not sure

People are asked what they speak. A lot of Bunjevci/Sokci say 'Serbo-Croatian' which is counted as just Serbian and thus some of them are counted into the Serb population. In my hometown of Dakovo ( in Slavonia) there are a lot of Bunjevci that come over to visit family , business , cultural events , and other matters. They are staunch Croats so I guess I've only seen one side to this equation. I mean yeah , its no big deal. I'm happy there is a sizeable Slovak community in the region. We also have a few thousand Slovak's in Croatia as well :).


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