1. If you mean as a state, under name Greece it's true, but still there were a few dozens (if we add city states and kingdoms of ancient times hundreds) of states ruled by Greece

1. So Greece didn't exist you do agree

2.the only problem is that it was an 100% Greek state, completely unrelated to fyrom.

2. So it was a state named Macedonia not Greece. If Macedonians were Greeks why there is no evidence by any ancient chronologist?  They never forget to distinguish Macedonians from Greeks

"Alexander was proclaimed ‘king of Asia’, presumably by the Macedonians in his army. The Greeks also would be questioning what Alexander was up to — he had needed them for his Asian invasion (hence why he treated their revolt in 336 with moderation), and probably a large number of Greeks did support the campaign given its panhellenic sentiments"

3.As long as it is ;)

3. keep telling yourself