1. So Greece didn't exist you do agree

nope, I never said such a thing, the opposite, i still wait to read what exacly you mean

2. So it was a state named Macedonia not Greece. If Macedonians were Greeks why there is no evidence by any ancient chronologist?  They never forget to distinguish Macedonians from Greeks

"Alexander was proclaimed ‘king of Asia’, presumably by the Macedonians in his army. The Greeks also would be questioning what Alexander was up to — he had needed them for his Asian invasion (hence why he treated their revolt in 336 with moderation), and probably a large number of Greeks did support the campaign given its panhellenic sentiments"

every????I already mentioned the two most reliable (Herodotus and Strabo), moreover as i also said back then authors were intrested in politics not about roots and identity (something that of course sounds natural).modern scholars on the other hand who examine everything else (such as language, culture race etc.) of course always conclude that Ancient Macedonians were Greeks,as a result when i am asking about sources to call macedonians non Greeks from you i see no sources.

BTW i still can not understand what your sources are doing in our discussion.I asked sources which call Macedonians non Greeks, not sources which talk about occupation of Greece or Alexander's campaign, do you need some help?

I though we already concluded that Macedonia expanded northwards during the V-IV century BC.

I agree, but never included the biggest part of vardarska and the most important the part which was included was not turned "ethnically" to Macedonian.

so if the connection  between someone from southern fyrom and someone from Macedonia was the same with the connection between someone from Lusatia and a german, then let me know what was the connection between someone from ancient town of Skupi (modern skopje) and Macedonia