saying that the ancient macedonians were not greeks

saying that you have 20% slavic blood

why you are insulted

i am proud of my diversity

you are ashamed of your diversity

Well i never read such a thing (about 20% slavic blood) anyway, what i am saying is actually this:
that's the point where you started insulting me.

I do not consider the claim that ancient macedonians were not Greeks or that I have 20% slavic blood ??? as insult,  any opinion can be discussed,however the first issue was discussed and proved that you were wrong, and Ancient Macedonians were Greeks, through scientific evidence, in contrast to your opinion which can't be supported.

anyway, about 20% slavic blood, hell, where did you read that?;D, you always discover in your brain new facts.

anyway, as i already told you, would you like for one time to stop talking about ancient Greek Macedonians with whome you are completely unrelated and start writting about Slavs, who are the issue of the forum?Any time you will claim such a wrong thing as ancient Greek macedonians being non greeks, I will be there correcting you.