i found updated version of my favorite map

the slavs in greece make up 20% (if not more) slavic blood in your countrymen
10% Germanic
20% slavs
20% phoenician
5% macedonian (in north more than 18%)
35% Hellenen


your statistics are not considered valid troll.they are not recognised by any university in the world.

there is not any genetic method to show the percentage of dna each linguistic group in a nation



What a troll!

"actually by politically driven action in case of Greece.Particularly 100.000-200.000 slavs were expelled from Greece (the vast majority of slavs in Greece) to balkans and capadokia, and replaced mostly by Greek islanders.The reason is that the Greek period of the empire (which started in 8th century and ended in the siege of constantinopole) had just began, and Greeks in asia minor and constantinopole wanted Greek peninsula to remain Greek."

your map shows a period BEFORE these events (the recolonisation of Greeks)

So i am sorry to disapoint you, but Greeks are not slavs, unlike fyromians who not only are but also many of them give a bad name to slavs.

Greeks anthropologically are predominantly mediterranean/Southern Europeans, unlike Fyromians, who as you correctly said are southern Slavs, directly related to Bulgarians, and closely related to Serbs.I have seen thousands of posts in forums and YT insulting Bulgarians and Serbs, it's rediclous to deny your real ancestry and insulting your closest relatives.

In terms of Macedonia, the Slavs of the region were expelled in Cappadokia, and fyrom, apart from the northern perfectures.

the trouble of the greek intruder Brennus Dux gallorum is that he does not have prove for his claims regarding the origin of the ancient macedonians …

all the ancient sources and serious historians make clear difference between macedonians and greeks……the only megali idea had made them to believe in what they never were


Are you high on crack?

Not even one ancient or modern source of historicians have claimed any difference between Macedonians and the rest of Greeks, the opposite, all historicians from herodotus to modern Scholars refer them as typical Greeks.Otherwiose why you have never posted even one?because it doesn't exist ;)

BTW, let us know, should we believe herodotus and modern Scholars or Megargus? ;D

Brennus Dux gallorum

Before that "Idea" Greeks had never considered the Macedonians Greeks.

really?Any evidence?because all Greek Historicians (as the rest of historicians) have always considered Macedonians as Greeks

that's actually a copy paste of what i am forced to post any time you post your "serious map"