Sure… I’d say that the “mainstream” indeed has a positive opinion of Belarusians, although, as you stated before yourself, you are indeed in a shadow of Russians… I have a positive image of all Slavs, actually not just Slavs… I don’t have negative opinion on anyone, especially not on the basis of “nation” – I don’t like to generalize.

Anyway… although I speak Russian, sometimes it happens to me, when I hear spoken Belarusian, or when Belarusian is spoken to me, to reply in Russian, and not even realize that my “interlocutor” is speaking a different language than I am… I’d just think they are speaking a little “strange” Russian, but I wouldn’t actually realize we’re speaking different languages… this situation happened to me in the past xDD

For Ukrainian it is a totally different story… it’s also similar, but it’s different enough so that people wouldn’t ever confuse them… I speak “Surzhyk” anyway…

😆 😆