You have met me online. I’d like to think I am as Belarusian as any Belarusian can be. We speak Russian but we love our language. Russians – the largest and influential eastern Slavs – imposed their language on us for centuries. Even Ukrainians – a large nation – speak Russian language at home.

You can read about russification here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russification

 Russian is similar language to ours. Russians forced us to speak Russian for centuries. Somewhat similar to Irish who were imposed to speak English.
Deep in our hearts we love our White-Red-White flag. We love Pahonia coat of arms . So many people have Pahonia tatoos on their arms. Pahonia was coat of arms in every district of Belarus. Lithuanians get jealous when we use it but that’s another story.
There was a change in early 90s. Back then Belarus lost half of its economy. Lukashenko was charismatic promising people to fix economic and social problem. But he is also a commie. So he ran referendums changing our symbols.