@Sviatogor Large city = large mess, horror in other words. I never went there but I bet Moscow is horriffic city, however I went to Mexico city once and I would never go there again. For me even Belgrade is too much, but that could be due to the fact that city infastructure doesn’t follow city’s growth (not enough bridges, parking spaces and streets aren’t large enough). Wasn’t like that about 15 years ago, but time changes.

According to Wikipedia you still have larger population then Serbia. Plus if Belarus is anything like Podlaskie in Poland and/or Warsaw its definitively more calmer place to live then Belgrade, and I bet you have more woods there like in Poland. Serbia in general, especially northern Serbia, doesn’t have many woods nowadays.

PS. Yeah, if you told some random Serb on the street you’re from Belarus he would probably call you “Russian brother”.