In my eyes Bulgaria is Slavic. My encounters with Bulgarians was always positive. Bulgarians are Slavs. Probably more than us – but that I don’t know.

Belarusians are pointed to be most Slavic due to our geographic location, blondism, traditional Slavic culture in Polessie. So many Slavs came to Belarus to study Slavic culture. Serbs, Czechs, Bulgarians, Poles, Slovenes, Russians came to our villages thinking we managed to preseve traditional Slavic culture.

If i was going to choose Slavic people in south, they would be Bulgarians. Bulgarians  gave us religion and alphabet. My Mum has a Bulgarian physiotherapist. She speaks to her in Russian. Bulgarian physiotherapist is a wonderful Slavic woman.

How we vsm even doubt Slavicness of Bulgarians?  A regular Belarusian on the stree doesn’t know anything about genetics. We also don’t care about blindism. Our girls dye their hair black wanting to look brunette.

Genetically, we maybe different. Culturally , we are the same people.