Bohoiske souds like a distortion of a Czech surname, I'd say, of Bohoušek (read Bo:haw:sheck). It comes from Slavic name Bohuš which has its root in word Boh (God).

Mazek is another Czech surname that IMO was initially Mašek (read Ma:sheck).

Vaclavic was Václavič, it originates in Slavic/Czech name Václav (read Vats:love :) ).

Korenek is Kořenek, another Czech surname. Kořen means a root (Ko:zhen) -> in this case you read "zh" as "j" in French bonjour.

Kocian is Kocián (read Cots:yan) – a Czech as well as Slovak surname. Kocián was a man who lived in a small house (proto-Slavic kotъcь = a cage, nest, cell) or he was a fishman (Russian kotec = a trap for fishes). I'm for the second option, though the first one doesn't exclude the other one.

I checked the sound of my transcription in google translator (without colons, ofc) and it works more or less. Check it too.

All of them are Czech, thus Slavic. Hopefully I helped you somehow.


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