Could you be more specific? I'm curious.

Edit: Hmm, thinking about Mazek surname… It could be possibly Marzek, which is now transcripted as Marek (Mark). It's a Czech name, although "rz" is a Polish letter = ř in Czech. But assuming your ancestors came from Czech lands and names were written in various forms few centuries ago, we can keep claiming it's a Czech surname in your case.

Well, while my immediate ancestors spoke Czech and claimed to be Bohemian, my great-grandmother, my grandfather (and his siblings), and my father (and his brother), all had straight, thick black hair, dark eyes, and olive-tinted skin. Now, I'm aware my great-grandmother could very well be part Romani, but she spoke nothing of this. She only ever said she was "Bohemian."

Also, I know this comparison won't carry much weight around here, but I've looked at multiple cases of the "facial averages." (Where they take football players' faces from each nation, then fuse them together to make an "average" Czech/Serb/Pole…etc.) Even though I probably look more Czech than my father, both of our facial shapes seem to resemble the Serbian's. Mainly the jawline, ears, and brow (my father more closely resembles that "average" than myself.). Like I said, I'm aware that those aren't super accurate comparisons, but it's something. I even have a German-Bulgarian friend who's father saw mine and asked,"Are they Serbs?"

Also, the name Mazek, for my ancestor, was spelled three different ways on three different documents. Mazek, Matzek, and Mozek.


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