He doesn't seem to be extremely dark-skinned. Do you know about any records which support your South Slavic hypothesis? Or you just guess..

It's a north-south thing. The further south you go in South Slavic lands the darker people appear on average. Also darker traits can be found near the coastline. It's a med thing I think.

Mika can be found in Slovakia too – originates in name Michael.

My great grandfather ( maternal) had the surname Mika. His name was Franjo Mika and he was a volunteer worker in the AH Empire to go work on infrastructure in South Slav lands previously in the Ottoman Empire. From what I understand his roots come from either Czech , Moravia , or Slovakia. He married a Rusyn woman from Ukraine but raised the children in South Slav area and they eventually became assimilated , certainly their kids ( my grandma among them) have. But I do know his surname which is why I'm curious about it.


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